Uva Ursi - Bearberry Benefits

    Bearberry , or scientifically known as Uva Ursi - has been used for for centuries in folk medicine. It is still primarily used today for relieving kidney and bladder disorders, including infections, inflammation, and kidney stones. However, it has many other health benefits!

    Kidney Health

    Uva Ursi is known to support the kidney’s ability to remove toxins and waste. It also fights infections and inflammations of the urinary tract.


    Urinary tract infections attack the bladder and kidneys. Uva Ursi help to reduce the bacteria that cause these infections by increasing urine output. This helps expel the bacteria from the body. It improves the removal of toxins and waste.


    Allantoin contained in Uva Ursi is an active ingredient in many over the counter creams to treat cold sores, herpes, and vaginal infections.


    Astringent tannins found in this herb are binding and help relieve diarrhoea.