Never Tried Goji Berries? Start With This!

    One of the healthiest fruits on earth, originated from the Himalayan Mountains of Tibet and Mongolia. This fruit is named, Goji berries, and they have been used for thousands of years for culinary and medicinal purposes.

    As small as they are, goji berries contain more more proteins than any other fruit, more carotenoids than any other food and they are filled with Vitamin C, fiber, iron, calcium, zinc, and selenium. Goji berries have been found to contain anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties as well as antioxidants that help boost our immune systems. 

    Goji berries, are also called wolfberries in parts of the world, and are bright reddish-orange berries that can be eaten raw, or cooked. They are the size of raisins and are chewy, tasting like a cross between cranberries and cherries. If you’ve never tried goji berries, it’s the perfect time to change that!