The Heart and Soul of Artichokes

    Artichoke is a thistle believed by historians to come from North Africa around 800 A.D. You can find artichoke growing in arears with mild winters, cool summers, and a high moisture content in the air.

    One head of an artichoke is known to be packed with nutrients. Artichokes have very low-fat contents while rich in fibre, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.  

    The wide range of uses that an artichoke provides, means that this thistle may raise your bodies 'good' cholesterol and lower your bodies 'bad' cholesterol. It may also level out your blood pressure levels and improve liver health and protect it from damage. 

    Cook it, eat it, ingest it through artichoke drops or sprays. Whatever you choose, this diverse thistle has numerous health benefits and ways you can enjoy these benefits, to live an energetic, peaceful life.