Brazilian Nuts Nutrition

    Brazilian nuts have become one of the richest dietary sources of selenium, which is an essential mineral with antioxidant properties. Selenium plays an important role in reproduction, metabolism, and immune health.

    A single Brazil nut contains 68 to 91 micrograms of selenium, meaning that just one nut per day can provide the daily recommended adult allowance of 55 mcg.

    In addition to selenium, Brazil nuts contain plenty of protein, essential minerals, and healthful fats.

    A serving of three Brazil nuts contains the following nutrients:

    • 99 calories 
    • 2.15 grams (g) of protein
    • 10.06 g of fat
    • 1.76 g of carbohydrate
    • 1.10 g of fiber
    • 109 milligrams (mg) of phosphorus
    • 99 mg of potassium
    • 56 mg of magnesium
    • 24 mg of calcium
    • 0.61 mg of zinc
    • 0.36 g of iron
    • 0 mg of sodium

    Given their impressive nutritional profile, there is absolutely no surprise that Brazil nuts have become so popular.