Your Pets Neurological Problems, May Not Be All In Your Head.
    Charlie, Roxi, Luna, Max, Milo, Coco; whatever your beloved pets name may be, their neurological problems are not all in your head. Traumatic injuries, congenital disorders, brain and spinal tumors, disk herniation and disease, are some of the most common neurological problems treated by vets.
    If you are seriously concerned or feel that your fury friend has a serious problem, take them to your nearest vet to have them checked out. For your minor concerns like, stress, depression, anxiety, hyperactivity, insomnia, a weak nervous system, our natural relaxant, and sedative – formulated by a qualified registered herbalist - is designed to help reduce the neurological effects, these conditions have on your pet.
    Through the clever design, the herbal extracts are designed for effectiveness and quicker results than tablets, guaranteed. Herbal ingredients include, Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Motherswort, Passion Flower, Vervain, Valerian.
    To use effectively on your pet, spray directly into the mouth, ear, or on soft skin, as well as mixed with drinking water.