Honeybush vs Rooibos Tea

    There are various ways in which Honeybush tea - cyclopia intermedia - is similar to Rooibos tea. 2 decades ago, both Honeybush and Rooibos received world-wide recognition. They have similar color, similar flavor profile, and they both have high levels of antioxidants.  

    1. Color - The difference in color between the two teas will depend on how each of them is processed. Honeybush is generally deeper than Rooibos. Honeybush tea  has an intense orange-red colour while rooibos can often have a red, or red-orange color. 
    2. Leaves - The leaves of Honeybush differ from those of Rooibos. Honeybush leaves are slightly shorter but a bit bigger than those of Rooibos tea. While Rooibos is more elegant with thinner, sharper, more elegant than the leaves of Honeybush which shorter, bigger leaves. 
    3. Flavor - Due to the very low content of tannins, Honeybush will not turn bitter even when if you over-brew it. With its sweet honey-like aroma it may be more suitable for people that want a potent herbal tea with no caffeine, but don’t like the strong Rooibos flavor.