Tumeric Powder Face Mask

    Curcuma Longa, more commonly known as Tumeric, is a flowering plant that falls within the ginger family. You may use tumeric in your cooking, or in your tea, to treat digestive problems, inflammatory conditions (arthritis, eczema, psoriasis), high cholesterol. Tumeric powder may be used in a healthy face mask that could, even your skin tone, and rid your face of unwanted dirt and oil! 


    2tsp of tumeric powder

    1tsp raw honey

    Drop of water

    *The more water, the less thick your face mask will be*

    **Warning - tumeric is highly staining**

    Apply tumeric face mask using a teaspoon. Once applied, leave on your face for 20min, then rinse off with a cloth that you do not mind leaving orange. 

    This process may leave your skin a little orange in certain patches that really absorbed the tumeric, but do not worry as this is not permanent and does wash off within 24hr.