Herbal Remedy for Excessive Sweating & More

    Tonsilitis, Laryngitis and excessive sweating, are all caused by certain glands being over worked or infected by an external virus.

    We have combined the following herbs to bring you the best remedy. For a more in-depth understanding on these herbs, keep an eye out on our blog page as we have written about these herbs individually there.

    Echinacea – shorten common cold and flu, reduce symptoms like sore throat, cough, and fever.

    Cleavers – improve your lymphatic functions and the ability to flush out toxins, and reduce swelling.

    Calendula – prevents infection and heals injuries to body tissue. Also a anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant.

    Poke root – Has high levels of saponins, which helps to reduce inflammation.

    Cancer Bush – Extremely effective immune booster to a range of ailments.

    Thyme – rich in minerals and vitamins, Thyme helps to increase healthy cells, bone development as well as prevent blood clotting.

    Peppermint – improves digestion, has antibacterial properties and reduces headaches, and clogged airways.

    African Potato – Mainly used to aid bladder infections, prostate problems, various cancers, and lung disease.

    This herb was formulated by a qualified registered herbalist. Just shake well before use. All it takes is just 2-3 squirts into your mouth, 3-5 times daily for optimal use.