The Great Ginger

    Ginger bread men, Ginger cookies, Ginger Ale, many of our childhood favourites contain ginger, but what health benefits does ginger provide?

    Chinese herbalists have been using Ginger for over 2500years. Ginger, originally found in South East Asia, is used for medicinal purposes as well as culinary purposes like flavouring food.

    This fantastic plant is known world-wide for its smell and pungent taste.

    Gingers properties have been known to calm an upset stomach, promote the flow of bile, as well as ease nausea caused by pregnancy or traveling.

    Ginger also supports the cardiovascular system by making platelets less sticky with reduce circulatory problems.

    Ginger oil may also be used for massaging areas affected by arthritis, because of gingers anti-inflammatory properties, it reduces inflammation and helps sooth your pain.

    Whether it’s used in baking your favourite gingerbread cookies, used as flavouring in a special curry, or as drops to supplement your diet, use ginger to minimise ailments and colds.