Read This - Remedy Stress, Anxiety, Tension & Poor Diet

    When recovering from an illness or medical treatment, your body is undergoing stress caused by your immune system, consistently producing antibodies to help rid “aliens” from our system, such as bacteria, viruses and foreign substances.

    This constant battle effects your body and causes, anxiety, stress, tension, poor diet, and leaves you feeling really fatigued. Gentian, when used, strengthens your entire system. By stimulating general blood circulation, your white blood cells are able to reach every part of your body at a faster rate, increasing your healing process. Gentian also increases appetite and through eating, you are able to absorb sugars, which give you more energy and reduces your fatigue.

    Because your digestive system is receiving a rich supply of blood, it improves your digestion, making sure that all the nutrients in your food have been absorbed.

    To heal faster and not feel the full effect of post illness/medical treatment, then Gentian is a must use!