Help Your Body Help You Lose Weight!

    Today’s herb we will be talking about Garcinia. This herb is commonly found in India and South East Asia, and is a flowering evergreen with big drooping branches. It bares bright yellow fruit, in a shape of an oval, that look similar to small pumpkins.

    Weight loss can be for one of two reasons, either you would like to look slimmer for personal reasons, or it is due to health problems. Being over-weight (Even if you are 120kg in pure muscle, your bodily organs are still put under strain and stress), causes a variety of problems. Health issues can include, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, heart burn, immunity and influenza, depression, gum disease and disability in serious cases.

    Garcinia, helps to reduce your weight by inhibiting your body to convert carbohydrates into triglycerides (a form of fat), and then stored inside of our fat tissues. This leads to your body needing a quick boost of energy, which it gets from breaking down glycogen and releasing it into your bloodstream. This tricks your body into thinking that you are full, and reduces your appetite.

    Using this herb alone is not sufficient enough to lose weight and regular exercise is hugely beneficial in aiding your weight loss. The exercise will burn off any extra fat deposits, while Garcinia, just helps prevent the addition of extra fat deposits.