Fat Blocker

    Medico Herb Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) impedes the body’s system for storing fat and directs the body to burn the stored-up fat reserves for energy instead. This amazing nutrient has also shown to inhibit the process that is responsible for the depositing of fat in the body. Not only has it been shown to increase lean muscle while reducing body fat, but studies have also shown unbelievable anti-catabolic, powerful antioxidants, immune enhancement, anti-cancer benefits, and cholesterol reducing effects.

    With Anti-aging properties, anti-cancer, and cholesterol-reducing effects, this nutrient may be taken in a concentrated form of a soft gel capsule for the best results. There are no side-effects for using Medico Fat Blocker.

    For optimal results, take 3-4 capsules daily during the initial weight loss drive. Once your goal has been attained, take 1 in the morning with protein and 2 when going to a function or an evening out.