Essiac Tea & What Is Inside.

    Essiac Tea Described

    Essiac tea is made from a blend of herbs that have been claimed to fight cancer, improve your immunity, increase detoxification, and decrease inflammation. Historically, sheep sorrel has been used to treat inflammation, scurvy, and cancer. It is also one of four ingredients in Essiac tea, an alternative cancer treatment. The other three herbs are burdock root, Rhubarb, and slippery elm.


    Herbal Ingredients

    Burdock root:

    Burdock root has been applauded for its blood-purifying properties. Burdock root is often eaten, yet it can be dried and steeped into tea. It also acts as a source of inulin, a prebiotic fiber that may aid your digestion and improve your gut health. Burdock root also contains a lot of antioxidants such as quercetin, phenolic acids, and luteolin, which may help protect your cells from free radicals.



    Rhubarb is a spring vegetable; the vibrant pink stalk is almost always cooked with lots of sugar because it is very sour! Rhubarb is rich in antioxidants (particularly anthocyanins and proanthocyanins). These antioxidants have anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer properties.


    Slippery Elm:

    Slippery Elm has been used in north America herbal remedies for centuries. It is common in healing salves for wounds, boils, ulcers, burns, and skin inflammation. Taken orally, slippery elm may relieve coughs, sore throats, and stomach problems.