Energy and Stamina Spray

    Our bodies and Fatigue.

    Runner, swimmer, cyclist, weightlifter, M.M.A fighter. It does not matter what type of athlete you are; your body experiences a lot of strain and fatigue after difficult workout sessions. Aerobic capacity is your bodies maximal oxygen uptake. Maximal oxygen uptake may be measured by (1) your ability to provide your cardiovascular system with oxygen for your working muscles, (2) your muscles ability to extract oxygen for energy generation.


    Why use Energy Spray?

    The herbs in Energy Spray are used as a fat burner, increase energy levels, maintains your bodies stamina, and increases physical endurance. Energy Spray also protects your brain from oxidation increasing blood flow, helping relax your muscles and ease muscle pain.

    Energy Spray has been formulated by a qualified registered herbalist, and has been formulated into a spray form, which is the most effective way of taking medicine.


    Herbal ingredients include:

    Astragalus Membranaceus – used to enhance strength and enhance your bodies energy.

    Panax Ginseng – used to increase energy and endurance, reduce fatigue and the effects of stress.

    Paullinia Cupana – used for its fat burning ability, increased energy, stamina, and physical endurance.

    Rosemarinus Officinalis – Protects the brain from oxidation, increases blood flow which helps relax muscles, nerves, and eases pain. This helps to reduce tension and anxiety throughout your body.

    Smilax Regelii – used as a natural anabolic steroid replacement in natural body-building formulas.