Pet Bone and Muscle Spray

    Post op procedures, sprains, niggles, twists. Anything can happen, at any time. Owning a dog, cat, or a horse means that as the owner, you are responsible. Accidents happen, and it is better to be prepared and ready, rather than caught off guard.

    Medico-Herbs Pet Bone and Muscle Spray is ideal for your pet’s sprains. As well as for the proper growth and formation of strong and healthy bones. The other uses of Pet Bone and Muscle Spray are:

    • Breaking down uric acid,
    • Increase calcium levels (Needed for strong healthy bone growth),
    • It acts as a diuretic to help with removal of unwanted fluids,
    • Maintains calcium level,
    • May help with the strengthening of your dog’s kidneys,

    By bringing mild pain relief to your pet, they can sleep and recover without bringing more pain to the infected area.

    After shaking the bottle well before use. 1 spray, once or twice per day for small dogs and cats. 2 sprays for medium size cats and dogs. 3 sprays for large dogs. Larger animals, including horses, will need 4-5 sprays once or twice per day!