Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer: WHO Handrub Formulations
    According to the available evidence on efficacy, tolerability, and cost-effectiveness, The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends using an alcohol-based handrub for routine hand antisepsis in most clinical situations. Health-care facilities currently using commercially available handrubs, liquid soaps and skin care products sold in disposable containers should continue this practice, provided that the handrubs meet recognised standards for microbicidal efficacy (ASTM or EN standards) and are well accepted/ tolerated by the health-care workers.

    It is obvious that these products should be regarded as acceptable, even if their contents differ from those of WHO-recommended formulations described. Alcohol based handrubs are highly effective at keeping the user safe and bacteria free. It is the consensus opinion of a WHO expert group that WHO recommended handrubs can be used both for hygienic hand antisepsis and for presurgical hand preparation. Best to use after touching any person or external items like trolleys, door handles, handrails, ect. Apply to your palms, rub, and your hands will be clean.