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Voacanga Africana Root Bark 20grams

Voacanga Africana Root Bark 20grams

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Indole alkaloids are by far the most important compounds of Voacanga spp. Voacanga Africana has been studied most extensively. The total amount of alkaloids in root bark is 5 -10%, in trunk bark 4-5%, in leaves, 0.3-0.45%, and in seeds 1.5-3.5%. The main alkaloids of the root bark are corynanthean-ibogan class dimers, chiefly voacamine, voacamidine, and voacorine; vobtusine (a rare plumeran-plumeran class dimer) has also been isolated. Voacanga Africana is a small tropical tree with yellow or white flowers. The bark and seeds of the tree contain iboga alkaloids and have been used in Western Africa as a poison, stimulant, aphrodisiac, and psychedelic.

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