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Poke Root  Drops (Phytolacca Decandra)

Poke Root Drops (Phytolacca Decandra)

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Poke Root is an American perennial shrub that grows in damp woodlands, hedges, and waste places. Though the plant may grow up to 3 meters in height, the most unusual physical feature is the large root with its irregular branches. The stems are erect, round, and hairless. The branch near the top and often have a reddish tinge. The short-stemmed, light green leaves are 12-20 cm long, a pointed egg shape or oval, their margins entire and wavy. The leafless, flowering stems bear an extended spike of small, greenish-white flowers. The deep purple or blackberries ripen in autumn. Phytolacca is undoubtedly an excellent alternative stimulating metabolism and also acts as a detoxification agent. As an alternative, it is used in chronic rheumatism and regular conjunctivitis. Used as an ointment it is used in psoriasis, tineacapitiss, favus, and sycosis, and other skin diseases. Specifically, Poke root is indicated in the treatment of the lymphatic system. Supporting this system is basic in most anti-cancer treatments as well as cleansing programs for a whole range of health problems.

As an alternative, Poke root plays a role in helping to maintain the healthy functioning of the lymphatic system. It is especially indicated in mastitis, where it can be used internally and as a poultice. It is also an indicated remedy in the treatment of adenitis. Poke root has been indicated as a remedy in the treatment of cancer, with a success in alleviating certain forms. It has been used successfully when applied externally in cases of uterine cancer. Phytolacca is used homeopathically when the general symptoms of aching, soreness, restlessness, and prostration are present. It is pre-eminently a glandular remedy when glandular swellings are present with heat and inflammation. It has a powerful effect on Fibrous and Osseous tissues; fasciae and muscle sheets. It is also reported to act beneficially on scar tissue.

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