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Goldenrod Spray (Solidago Virgaurea) 50 ml.

Goldenrod Spray (Solidago Virgaurea) 50 ml.

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What is Goldenrod?

Goldenrod is an aquaretic agent (promotes the loss of water from the body) most frequently used to treat urinary tract inflammation and to prevent the development of kidney stones.

Benefits of Goldenrod

Goldenrod's aquaretic effects combined with both antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties allow this herb to be used in connection with various conditions which include the following: Bladder inflammation Arthritis Allergies Colds and flu Kidney stones Laryngitis (as a gargle) Sore throats Goldenrod has also been used for laryngitis or sore throats (as a gargle).

Side Effects

Most people believe that goldenrod is generally considered safe and has no known side effects. However, you should not use this herb if you have impaired heart or kidneys or if you are pregnant

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