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Elecampane Spray (Inula Helenium) 50 ml.

Elecampane Spray (Inula Helenium) 50 ml.

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What Is Elecampane?
Elecampane (Inula Helenium) is a herbaceous plant with a strong rhizome. Its stem can reach heights of over a meter long. The leaves contain a small fine puff and are positioned randomly on the stem. The flowers are slightly similar to those of the sunflower, only that they are smaller in size. Elecampane grows randomly on hayfields or grazing fields, at the edge of forests, plains, and hills. Late fall is when elecampane is harvested for its roots.

Elecampane contains vitamins, minerals, magnesium, iron, nutrients, iodine, and sodium. It is rich in calcium and phosphor, which is why it is recommended to be part of the daily diet of people who need calcium. It contains few calories, with 25% proteins and 2% fat. The herb also contains beta-carotene, vitamin B12, niacin, vitamin B5, vitamins A, C, E, and selenium. Thus the herb is able to modify the bronchial secretions, soothe cough bouts, and eliminate the Koch bacillus; it's an expectorant, spasmolytic, anthelmintic, diuretic, and antiviral.

Elecampane is used for treating both internal as well as external afflictions.

Internally, it is known for stimulating the process of dissolving fat. It also detoxifies the body. Elecampane contains all the minerals and vitamins that the body needs to strengthen its immune system.

Elecampane is used for decreasing the level of cholesterol, purifying the blood, and preventing the forming of ulcers. Because of the high quantity of insulin that it contains, the herb is used as an expectorant, eliminating the secretions of chronic bronchitis, and soothing bronchial spasms.

The herb is effective in calming stressful moods by inducing a state of tranquility followed by sleep. Due to its diuretic effects, elecampane detoxifies the body and alleviates rheumatism.

The bitter compound from within the herb stimulates biliary secretion. Alantolactone and izoalantolactone which are contained by the elecampane root can eliminate intestinal parasites.

Externally, the elecampane root is used in cosmetics, cicatrizing the marks left by acne, and is also used for washing hair. It is also useful for facial skin suffering from irritations and itchiness.

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