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Cactus grandiflorus Selenicereus grandiflorus  Drops 50ml

Cactus grandiflorus Selenicereus grandiflorus Drops 50ml

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is a cactus species originating from the Antilles, Mexico, and Central America? The species is commonly referred to as Nightblooming Cereus, Queen of the Night (though these two terms are also used for other species), Large-flowered Cactus, Sweet-Scented Cactus, or Vanilla Cactus.
    * Afrikaans: Koningin van die Nag
    * Chinese:Tan Hua 
    * Danish: Nattens Dronning
    * Dutch: Koningin van de Nacht
    * English: Queen of the Night, Night-blooming Cereus, Large-flowering Cactus, Sweet-scented Cactus, Vanilla Cactus, Large Blooming Cereus, Large-flowered torch thistle, Large-flowered Night Cactus
    * Estonian: Öökuninganna
    * Finnish: Yönkuningatar
    * French: reine de la nuit, princesse de la nuit, cierge a grande fleurs, vierge a grandes fleurs, Cierge rampant à grandes fleurs, Fleur d'amour
    * German: Königin der Nacht, Schlangencereus, Schlangenkaktus
    * Italian: cacto grandifloro, regina della notte
    * Japanese: Gekka Bijin (Beautiful woman under the moon)
    * Malayalam: Nisha Ghanthi(Nishagandhi)(Fragrance of the Night)
    * Portuguese: flor-de-baile, cardeiro trepador
    * Română: Cactus din Antilele Olandeze
    * Spanish: Reina de las Flores, Reina Gigante, Cardon, Gigante, Organillo, Reina de la noche.
    * Swedish: nattens drottning
    * Tamil/Telugu: Brahma Kamalam (Lord Brahma's Flower)
    * Kannada: Brahma Kamala

Cactus grandiflorus is an herbal medicine used to treat heart conditions. Cactus grandiflorus is also recommended for heart palpitations, angina, weak or irregular pulse, and for relieving shortness of breath. Cactus grandiflorus helps normalize heart rhythm and strengthens contractile force. Cactus grandiflorus tones the heart muscle reduces blood fat and cholesterol and increases circulation. Cactus Grandiflorus is also known to aid depression and poor memory.

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