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Bulbine natalensis Rooiwortel 50ml drops

Bulbine natalensis Rooiwortel 50ml drops

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Bulbine natalensis

Alternative Names: Ibhucu (Zu), Rooiwortel (Afr) Traditional uses include treating stings, mosquito bites, blisters, cold sores, mouth ulcers, cracked lips, hands, and heels

Other uses include: burns, sunburn, cuts, bruises, dries out acne, wounds, rashes, itches, ringworm, herpes, fever blisters and sores, itching. Treat convulsions, venereal diseases, diabetes, rheumatism, urinary complaints, and blood disorders

There are few herbs that actually boost testosterone, fewer that really lower estrogen, Bulbine Natalensis does both well.

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