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Buckthorn  Bark Drops (Rhamnus Frangula) 50ml.

Buckthorn Bark Drops (Rhamnus Frangula) 50ml.

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What is Buckthorn Bark?

Buckthorn bark is the dried bark of the trunks and branches of Rhamnus frangula L. Other names for Buckthorn bark are Frangulae cortex and frangula, Glossy Buckthorn, Dog Wood, and Arrow Wood. This is a shrub that is native to Europe and the Middle East. Buckthorn bark is very soothing for the colon and digestive tract.

Buckthorn Bark Benefits

Buckthorn bark is very beneficial when used for the intestinal tract. It contains 1,8-dihydroxy-anthracenes, which acts on the nerves of the intestines that sometimes contract, preventing bowel movement. This helps relieve constipation. Buckthorn bark promotes the emptying of intestinal contents.

Other benefits of Buckthorn bark include its ability to help hemorrhoids or anal fissures heal, because of its stool softening effect. Many times, people become constipated or have problems with their digestive tract, which can cause weight gain. Buckthorn bark helps flush out the digestive system, effectively ridding the body of toxins and other waste that can cause weight gain and bloating.

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