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African Ginger  Spray (Siphonochilus Aethiopicus)  50ml 1.7fl oz

African Ginger Spray (Siphonochilus Aethiopicus) 50ml 1.7fl oz

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African Ginger (Siphonochilus Aethiopicus)

African Ginger can be used for the following Hysteria, colds (to clear the nasal passages), flu and coughs, digestive complaints, antiseptic, circulatory stimulant, reducing high blood pressure, mood swings, mild sedative, headaches, influenza, mild asthma, dysmenorrhoea, sinusitis, sore throat and throat infections, PMS, menstrual cramps, candidiasis syndrome, Candida albicans, candida, thrush, helps reduce body temperature in fevers, inhibits clotting and thins the blood, lowers cholesterol, heartburn, and halitosis (bad breath), relieves vomiting, vascular stimulant, and body cleanser, antiemetic.
It is also used by the Swazi for malaria and chewed by menstruating women to relieve pain.

Suggested Dosage:
2 to 3 Sprays 3 times a day

Chemistry and Pharmacology :
The rhizome and roots contain a high percentage of a characteristic sesquiterpenoid, which is a key phytochemical active. Extracts of the rhizome have been demonstrated to be anti-inflammatory (prostaglandin-synthetase inhibition), bronchodilatory, smooth muscle relaxant, mildly sedative, and anti-candidal. The presence of antiseptic monoterpenoids contributes to bioactivity.

The German therapeutic monograph on ginger warns patients with gall bladder disease to avoid it and also cautions against exceeding the recommended dosage. Because of its healing properties, ginger is not recommended for those who do not tolerate heat well or those with gastritis or peptic ulcers. Do not use it during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. Keep out of reach of children.

Side effects:
Side effects of ginger are rare when used as recommended.

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