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Medico Herbs (was Med-Herb) Herbal Sprays & drops

Just spray into the mouth and the herbs will be absorbed quickly. Not only is the spray preferred over dropper bottles, pills or capsules, spray atomizers are the fastest and most effective way of dispensing medication as it allows rapid absorption directly into bloodstream. The results have been fantastic!

1. Respir-eze Spray for Asthma, Emphysema, Catarrh, coughs, colds, flu, Sinusitis, Pleurisy, Bronchitis, Pneumonia, Congestion and loosens phlegm, Tonsillitis and throat infections, Tonic for respiratory tract, Reduces fever and Improves immune function, Relax muscles, ease spasms, cramps. Helps regain breathing after exercise.

2. Osteo Relief Spray for Arthritis, Rheumatism, Gout, Fibrositis, Bursitis, Bone Inflammation, Muscle Inflammation, Breaks down uric acid, Alkalises & detoxifies the body.

3. Libido enhancer and Sex booster Spray to Improve sexual ability, Treats erectile dysfunction, Rejuvenate Lovemaking, Infertility and Impotence, Low Sex Drive, Improve Sexual Stamina, Energy Booster, Sportsmen and women, Exhaustion, Tiredness and combat fatigue, Hormone balancer, Immune system booster, Fights infections, Improve Blood circulation and Nerve stimulant.

4. Concentrate Spray – Memory supplement: Memory aid stimulant, refresh poor memory, stimulate the central nervous system, improve blood flow and oxygenation to the brain

5. Quit Smoking Spray: supports the whole body in breaking smoking habit. Ease Craving, Remove Toxin, Freshen Breath, Calm Nerves, Suppress Appetite. Makes the taste of nicotine worse.

6. Bloodstream Spray (for Skin): promotes new cell growth, detoxifies the body, is a powerful blood cleanser. It is used for skin eruptions such as acne, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, boils, abscesses, hives, insect bites, age spots, and blemishes. It is also used to assist in regulating overactive oil glands. It is a natural antibiotic.

7. Circulation Spray: improves the working capacity of the cardiovascular and circulatory systems, and to soothe and tone the nervous system. HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE HIGH CHOLESTEROL, ARTERIOSCLEROSIS PALPITATIONS, ANGINA. Strengthens the HEART, Improves Circulation, Circulatory Tonic

8. Sinus Relief Spray: Relieves congestion, loosens phlegm and aids removal of excess mucous. It is useful for most problems associated with the upper respiratory system. It stimulates white blood cells, improving the immune system, guard against infections and keeps viruses from multiplying.

9. Vitamin & Mineral Spray: This formula is a combination of herbs from land and sea, which are rich sources of minerals and vitamins. Together they supply the body with ALL THE ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS to promote optimum health. It is also formulated to improve absorption of vitamins and minerals in the digestive tract. Spirulina, the main ingredient is used as an immediate and whole food resource.

10. Digestive Aid Spray: Remedy for ulcers, indigestion, heartburn, gastritis, colitis, spastic colon, flatulence, poor digestion, poor absorption, inflammatory bowel syndrome.

11. In Control Spray (for nerves) Relieves stress, depression, anxiety, hyperactivity, ADHD, insomnia, shingles, and neuralgia, strengthens nervous system. Relaxing & sedative properties.

12. Bone Strengthener Spray: Strengthen Hair, Nails & Teeth, Osteoporosis, Healing of Broken Bones and connective tissue, Rickets, Detoxifies & alkalises the body, Contains all the minerals to build stronger bones.

13. Hormone Balancer Spray is used to normalize the female reproductive system and regulate the hormonal function. It is rich in natural oestrogen & progesterone, relieves menopause related problems, soothes headaches, reduces cramps, mood swings, depression, irritability, hot flushes and menopause related vaginal dryness. It promotes functioning of the heart, kidneys, liver, spleen, pancreas, lungs, stomach & nervous system.
14. Immuvitox Spray: containing Sutherlandia is used to improve the immune system, provide essential nutrients and anti-oxidant. Anti-inflammatory, counteracts degenerative diseases, and antiseptic all in one. Includes Strong support as benefit in treating HIV & cancer. Also will help reduce sugar levels.

15. Kidney Tonic to improve the function capacity of the kidneys. It is a natural antibiotic, cleanses the body, and has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiseptic, astringent and diuretic properties. It is good for inflammation in the urinary system, acidifies the urine and prevents bacteria from entering the bladder. It also relieves painful and burning urination and is of great help for water retention.
Liver Spray Cleanse the bloodstream and liver. It strengthens and purifies the liver, corrects its function, boosts the immune system and helps rid the body of excess fluids. Beneficial for treating Jaundice, Inflammation of the liver, Gallbladder Inflammation, Cirrhosis of the liver, Hepatitis, Gallstones

17. Pancreas Spray This complex is used to stimulate & strengthen the pancreas. It assists in the regulation and balance of the hormones, insulin and glucagons that are released by this gland. This mixture is excellent nourishment for the pancreas and stimulates only the hormones that are under productive. It also guards against infectious diseases and stimulates bile production.
Infection Spray anti-inflammatory, antiviral, anti-microbial, antiseptic and anti-fungal properties helps the body rid itself of most infectious diseases and is good for the immune and lymphatic systems.
Spray and Sleep natural help to aid better sleep. Contains Hops and Skullcap.

20 Spray and Go – energy formula

21 Olive Leaf + Echinacea Spray or Olive Leaf on its own
22. Headache & Migraine Spray (25ml) Combination of herbs to ease headaches and migraines

23.System cleanser drops (Detox). Used to purify liver & bloodstream, Lymphatic toner & cleaner, Restores liver & gallbladder. Cleanses bowels, gentle laxative, contains vital minerals for bone formation. Regulates blood sugar levels, diuretic to get rid of toxins and strengthens immune system.
24. Quickslim drops contains 44 herbs including 5 different appetite suppressants, diuretics, gentle laxative, boost energy levels, regulate hormone balance + (many more benefits)

Tablet and capsules and powders

25. Glucosamine one of the most effective treatments for osteo-arthritis. It is an amino sugar produced from the shells of chitin (shellfish) and is a key component of cartilage. It works to stimulate joint function and repair. It has been proven effective in numerous scientific trials for treating osteo-arthritis pain, rehabilitating cartilage, renewing synovial fluid, and repairing joints that have been damaged from osteo-arthritis.

26. Saw Palmettogood for prostrate gland to prevent enlargement.
27. Sceletium Totuosum – mood enhancer

28. MSM pure powder/crystal , 100g, 250g and 1kg tubs, 60 x 1000mg caps (methylsulphonylmethane) .Degenerative arthritis, chronic back pain, chronic headache, muscle pain, Allergies, fibromyalgia, TMJ.
Hoodia Gordonii 100% Pure 90 x 400mg Capsules –hunger suppressant used by the San people

Pet Care Range includes: Pet Circulation toner Spray , Animal Infection Mix Spray,Pet Lungs & Chest Spray , Pet Bone and Muscle Spray, Pet Immune Spray, Pest Control Remedy Spray, Animal Calmer Spray and Urinary Tract Formula Spray.

Single herb sprays
Bilberry, Red Clover, Sutherlandia, Black Cohosh, Milk Thistle, Hawthorn Berry + many more

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