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Agents Wanted

Thank you for your interest in our products and we are pleased to invite you as an agent for Medico Herbs Products.

Your area will be allocated to you and no one else will be given a chance to operate as long as you remain an agent.

We supply you our products at low prices and a good profit can be made. The great thing is that many of the products lend themselves to be repeat purchases, so once you have a customer, they will buy again every month. We find that they will also tell their friends – and so your business will grow day by day.

Our products are all 100% natural and cover a large range of ailments and slimming products.

We also do a lot of national advertising and always pass leads on to our agents. We will support you if you decide to do local advertising – just phone and discuss it.

Our prices are very low – cheaper than conventional medicines – which the customer likes.

Your profit is approx. 50% of what you spend – so if you buy R500 worth of stock you can make R250 easy profit. Some agents have subagents working for them on a commission basis – which enables you to profit from their sales. Some agents have the product on display at retail shops, post offices and put up notices at libraries. You can make a good part time income. If you have contact with pharmacies, health shops, spars etc. – you can take order and we will supply them and pay you a commission on the sale.

This is a business which is growing and every day more people are saying NO to the chemical drugs. With natural remedies you do not have hidden and dangerous side effects.

Junior Agent

To get going - select a mix of 9 products which you can sell.The easiest is to ask around and see what ailments your friends and associates have.Your cost will be 66% of the selling price (1/3 off).You can deposit into: First National Bank, Somerset West Branch 200-512, account 6203 245 8368. Call or fax us with your order and delivery and we will send out your order within 24 hours via courier delivery.

Also as you grow – the more you buy - the better discount you get! Our other agents are spending R1500 per order and get super prices.

Midi Agent - who has been with us for at least 3 months or is buying 20 bottles at a time per month will earn an additional 13% discount on the Junior agent cost.. This discount also applies to any orders over R1000.

Senior Agent - 20% discount off the Junior agent cost applies to orders over R2000.

Distributor - further discounts for orders over R5000. Contact us for special deals.

Start your own label Herb Company - available for initial spend of R10000. Phenomenal chance to build up your own name and business.

Franchises available and International Agents are welcome to join us.

Do you have spare shop space or know someone with a bit of space? All you need is approx. 4sq M and you could start trading in shopping centres, markets etc.

Thank you and looking forward to a long term relationship.

John Forte

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