The A, B, C's of Alfalfa

    Alfalfa leaves and sprouting seeds have been used for thousands of years as a nutritive tonic. Here are the A, B, C's of Alfalfa that you wish you knew sooner!


    A - Asia

    Alfalfa was originally grown in Asia, what is now known as Turkey and Iran. It was consumed by grazing animals and was domesticated around the same time as the horse.

    B - Benefits 

    Benefits of Alfalfa may be helpful in the treatment of insulin-dependent diabetes. Its high mineral content promotes healthy bones and teeth. The Chlorophyll content is believed to encourage the growth of connective tissue, beneficial in diseases such as arthritis. Plant contents may aid tissue repair and be useful in the healing of wounds, varicose ulcers and abscesses.

    C - Consumption
    You may consume Alfalfa sprouts like any other herb. Toss them in a salad, or lay them on your sandwich. They add color and texture to any dish. You cannot go wrong with a handful of Alfalfa sprouts in your next meal.