Reduce Bad Cholesterol With This

    Cholesterol Explained

    Our bodies need cholesterol to build cells and make vitamins and other hormones, but too much cholesterol is bad. A cholesterol is a sterol, which is a type of fatty acid and is a waxy substance. Cholesterol can also run-in families, which means that it is hereditary. However, it is mainly caused by eating fatty food, not exercising enough, being overweight, smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol. Ways to lower cholesterol can be getting enough exercise, eating healthy, maintaining a healthy weight, and living a healthy lifestyle. Some people also need to take medicine.  

    Curry Leaves Nutrition

    Packed with antioxidants curry leaves help prevent the oxidation of cholesterol that forms bad cholesterol (LDL). Kadi Patta, Curry leaf is packed with iron, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, copper, minerals, and vitamins like nicotinic acid and vitamin A, C, B and E. Curry leaves help your heart function better and fights infections and can enliven your hair and skin with vitality.