Anorexia to Erectile Disfunction, this Natural Herb is a MUST HAVE!

    Mondia whitei (African Ginger) is a woody, rather robust climber that grows from a large tuberous rootstock. African Ginger is one of South Africa’s most versatile traditional medicine. It can be used as an antacid, a galactagogue, and as an appetite stimulant. Infusions of the root are used to combat anorexia, bilharzia and act as an aphrodisiac, for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

    This aromatic root has a vanilla like odor and tastes like liquorice, or ginger. It can be used as a food-flavoring agent with your Friday night meal by boiling the leaves with butter or olive oil to substitute it for spinach. You may also cook it with meat to enhance the flavor. The plant has great nutritional value as it contains the vitamins A, D, K and E, and the minerals, magnesium, zinc, iron, calcium and protein.