Cornsilk Remedies & Facts

    Throughout history, Cornsilk has been used as a remedy for such things as urinary conditions and rheumatism. Cornsilk was also recorded during the 18th century as having been used for its diuretic attributes. Some of the common ailments that people would turn to Cornsilk herb extract to help with were kidney, urinary tract, and bladder infections, bed wetting problems, cystitis, liver, and gall bladder complaints. The less common ailments include assisting with symptoms of arthritis and gout.

    Also commonly used today as a diuretic, cornsilk tea has been known to be effective in helping with weight loss and is still used to assist adults and children with bed-wetting problems.

    Interesting fact: Cornsilk is still undergoing studies to successfully prove the hypothesis that cornsilk may help with renal colic (which is a sharp pain in the lower back that radiates into the groin).