Collagen Bovine

    Collagen Bovine is a form of an abundant protein called Collagen. Collagen is found inside of your body, and numerous animals. Collagen bovine is mainly derived from cows and is commonly associated with several health benefits, including relief for arthritis, improved skin health (increased elasticity, reducing wrinkles and stretch marks) and helps prevent the loss of bone. Due to the high protein and low-calorie content of bovine collagen, it has shown to increase satiety, meaning it makes you feel full.

    After reading studies completed on collagen bovine, it has shown that collagen peptides are generally more bioavailable. Because collagen peptides have a shorter chain of amino acids than those of collagen and gelatine, it is better absorbed into the blood stream.

    Medico Herbs provides top quality, non-GMO Collagen that has been imported from Italy. It is 100% pure with no preservatives or filters and is sugar and gluten free.

    The recommended dosage is 10 – 20g per day.