Circulation Spray - Medico Herbs

    Medico-herbs Circulation Spray is an effective easy to use herbal spray, that is specifically designed to enter the bloodstream and help regulate high blood pressure and cholesterol.

    The combination of various herbs has been formulated, crafted, and adjusted to perfection by a registered herbalist. The main aim was to combine herbs that improve the working capacity of the cardiovascular and circulatory systems. The herbal ingredients breakdown the fatty deposits in your blood vessels, while dilating the blood vessels to allow more blood to flow through your body. Having thin blood allows for your blood to be pumped through your system more smoothly and helps to clear out any blockages in your circulatory system. Circulatory sprays are better to use, in hope of avoiding the need to go onto statins, which can often have some horrible side effects.

    Herbal ingredients include:

    • Black Cohosh
    • Cayenne Pepper
    • Celery Seeds
    • Ginko
    • Hawthorn Berries
    • Horse Chestnut
    • Lime Blossoms
    • Motherswort
    • Passion Flower


    Directions of use:

    Shake well before use. 2 – 3 squirts into mouth, 3 – 5 times per day. May be taken with herbal tea, fruit juice, or water.