Small, Edible, Healthy, and Uncommon - Chickweed

    Chickweed is a small edible, little-known herb that has a wide range of medicinal and wellness properties. It can be eaten as a table vegetable and may also be used to create delicious teas, or ‘green’ drinks. It has a high mineral content of Vitamin C, Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium. Despite its very high mineral content, Chickweed may also help with weight loss, due to it’s appetite depressant qualities, and is often found in weight loss herbal combinations.

    Chickweed has a few other applications of use and could be even used as an acne wash and can be added to a bath to help soothe and heal burns, boils, sores and rashes. With any other pain and ailments in the body, mix Chickweed with aloe vera juice to help penetrate all three layers of the skin. This in turn allows the chickweed to reach the underlying damaged areas and begin removing and easing the pain and initiate the healing process.