Powerful Herbal Antioxidant - Chaparral

    Practitioners use the name Larrea Mexicana, while the scientific community uses the name Larrea tridentata. Creosote Bush, Greasewood, Goberadora, as the less common names. This bush is most found in well-drained soils of alluvial fans and flats. In various parts of its range, creosote may cover large areas in nearly pure sands, though it usually occurs in association with Ambrosis Dumosa (burro bush or bur-sage). Interestingly enough, certain chemicals found in the roots of the creosote bush have been shown to inhibit the growth of burro bush roots.

    Chaparral is a powerful herbal antioxidant, which helps to fight harmful free radical damage to the cells. It supports deep cleansing and promotes the body’s elimination of toxins. Herbalists continue to use Chaparral for its traditional applications: such as an herbal alternative for deep immune support, a potent detoxifier, and joint comfort.