The Butchers Broom

    Ruscus aculeatus is native to Western Europe, and got its name "Butcher's Broom" from butchers bundling up branches and using them to sweep off their chopping blocks.

    Butcher's Broom can be used as a broom, or, be used for potential healthy benefits. The compounds in Butchers Broom may help with the following:

    1. May Reduce Inflammation
    2. May Treat Poor Blood Circulation
    3. May Reduce Symptoms of Orthostatic Hypotension
    4. May Reduce Your Risk of Hemorrhoids

    As there seems to be no official recommended dose, the following doses appear to be most effective in research:

    • Dried root: 1.5–3 grams per day
    • Tablets or capsules: 200 mg (of a 4:1 concentrate) 2–3 times per day
    • Liquid extracts and tinctures: 3–6 ml per day of a 1:2 herb-to-liquid ratio liquid extract or 7.5–15 ml per day of a 1:5 herb-to-liquid ratio tincture