Say Hello To Aloe and Its Health Benefits

    Aloe is native to Africa and has been referred to as “Lilly of the desert”, the “plant of immortality”, and the “medicine plant”. Aloe is 96% water and contains a bitter liquid found in the leaves. Ancient Greeks, Arabs, and Spaniards have used this plant throughout the millennia. To this day, African hunters rub the gooey gel onto their skin to help reduce perspiration and their scent.

    In the medical field, aloe is said to facilitate digestion, aid in blood and lymphatic circulation, as well as kidney, liver, and gall bladder functions. A recent discovery has shown that T-Lymphocyte aids the immune system and has been found to strengthen the body’s natural resistance.

    Treating cuts, burns, skin irritations, controlling acne and eczema, are just a few benefits of using aloe on your skin.

    Tip: To make an ointment; remove the thin outer skin and process the leaves in a blender, add 500 units of vitamin C powder to each cup, and store in the refrigerator.